What We Do - Personalized Health Garden Consultations

Health Garden Bookings Include:
A brief health assessment of all the current members of your household to determine which plants would be the most useful for your family, performed by a certified herbal medicine practitioner.
A garden assessment to determine light levels and soil quality.
A list of plant suggestions, curated based on your family's specific health needs and garden conditions.
4 Medicinal plants with the option to order more (an extra charge will apply)
Instructions for the care/growing requirements of each plant.
Instructions for harvesting and suggestions for using the plants medicinally in teas and other unique ways.
Option to book a follow up visit for help with growing/harvesting (extra charge will apply)

Health Garden Bookings: $100
Extra Plants: $5-$20

For any questions or to book an appointment, please send us an email!
Thanks and have a lovely day!