Liisa is a mother of two incredible herb eating children, and a vegetarian dog. She grew up in the country, where growing food was an integral part of life. After moving to the city, she struggled to find ways to connect her children to their food, and set to work growing a backyard 'oasis' where they could see things growing and form these natural connections.

Her son struggled with digestive issues and food sensitivities, which resulted in both physical and emotional symptoms. It was apparent that he was much more inclined to eat healthier foods when he had a hand in growing them, and he soon began to recognize these connections and self treat directly from the garden, chewing on peppermint or chamomile leaves to soothe his tummy.

Seeing how much it helped both of her kids to care about their health, make good food choices and generally de-stress, she searched for a way to connect other kids to plants, and Greenhouse Medicine was born!

In 2017, Liisa completed a two year full time diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto. She is a registered member of the Ontario Herbalist Association. She plans to continue her holistic health education by studying holistic nutrition, as well as continuing to attend many lectures, seminars and online study courses.

'Connecting city kids to plants when they are young can set them up to have a healthy relationship with food for life. Showing them that food is medicine, can help to create a generation of healthier people!'